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Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:18 pm
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Re: WiGLE app stopped working after android 8.0 update

well, that's troubling. we've been working to support android 8, and I know that we do have devices working correctly with it. This is the first 7->8 upgrade problem we've heard of. When you re-launch after a crash, does it give you the chance to send us a debugging log? If that's not an option, can...
Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:39 pm
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Re: Outdated WiGLE app on F-Droid

It looks to me like the "vulns" are probably a result of how out-of-date the version of the app on f-droid is. I don't see an easy way to get them to update their version, but would love to see them pull the latest foss-master. If there's something we can do to prompt them to sync and build, I'm hap...
Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:45 pm
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Re: No map - "update google play services"

Hi jackri, Sorry to hear you're having trouble. We don't currently support any other party's mapping services, but we do have a FOSS-only build that excludes maps and should prevent the request for play services: has a link. Are you using a stock OS or custom? Cheers, -ark
Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:31 pm
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Re: Android auto integration

interesting! what features would you like to see?


Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:38 pm
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Re: How to or instructions for wigle hotspots map ?

The map is available at - if you register for an account, it will remember your preferences and give you extended search options.
What are you hoping to accomplish?
Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:37 pm
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Re: How to or instructions for wigle hotspots map

Hi dantroung - thanks for your interest. We don't have an official how-two, but maybe if you tell us more about what you're trying to accomplish, we can help. The app is available for download from the Google Play store at this link
Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:26 pm
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Re: 400 Million Wifi Networks

At this rate, we'll never get all the APs. I do hope you've discussed this with your neighbor!
Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:42 am
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Re: 400 Million Wifi Networks

finally, we're finished. we can shut this down now, right??
Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:19 pm
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Re: Vistumbler support

I'm sorry - this has been neglected for a number of reasons (including our long-standing desire to rework some elements of file processing) - I see the project has moved around and grown since the initial post - have the file formats remained constant since then? Is there an official reference other...
Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:52 am
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Re: Creating maps?

Hi cordova85 - thanks for your interest! JiGLE is deprecated, and we haven't updated it in quite a while, since the Android client , KML export (click the transaction ID for any upload on your uploads page to download a google-earth compatible file), and web maps interface have all largely obviated ...
Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:10 pm
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Re: Openstreetmap, convert track to gpx file, how to?


We encourage everyone to contribute to OSM - it's a fantastic project.
Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:08 pm
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Re: Android App - Auto start & auto upload

oh, and pardon my copypasta - the intent name will be

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

like I initially posted! That would be silly, since we already use that one.
Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:05 pm
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Re: Android App - Auto start & auto upload

I think the android-wear stuff can send status updates via intents, but I can't imagine any of us want buy a hackable watch! ;) There's a longer discussion about a stats- or even data-bus between networkable Android devices/other devices that aardvark11 was suggesting here! Participate in the discus...
Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:24 pm
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Re: Android App - Auto start & auto upload

Auto upload as a broadcast intent will be included in the next release of the Android client (2.27).

the action name will be:

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once more, just like with waze and our termination receiver you can set it up using that action name and target will be:

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Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:17 pm
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Re: Feature feedback: turning scanning indictor into a button

This is completed and in the client now - feedback always welcome!

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