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Tue Oct 15, 2002 4:27 am
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Any way to combine maps?

Is there any way to combine connecting counties like was done with that 4-county map from California?
Thu Oct 10, 2002 11:23 pm
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bug in the system?

I'm noticing a lot of APs in my area are positioned much differently in JiGLE than they are depicted on Zhrodague's server and even on the various maps for the WWWD. Sometimes it's a difference of as much as 50-60 yards. When new locations are added to the database, are the AP locations being adjust...
Tue Sep 10, 2002 7:09 pm
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You can see the maps...

...because those have to be downloaded manually. You wouldn't see the access point data, however, as it is all pulled from the realtime data on the WiGLE server. It would be nice to have JiGLE be able to download something like a snapshot of the data for whatever maps you view, though, so that if th...
Fri Sep 06, 2002 11:46 pm
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populatiry of X10?

How popular is the x10 around your area? Are you finding many of them?
Tue Sep 03, 2002 8:55 am
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Ah, wonderful!

Thank you, sir, that makes a world of difference!
Tue Sep 03, 2002 2:14 am
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Franklin Co. Tennessee as well

This one only shows up as 192 bytes on the State download page.
Tue Sep 03, 2002 2:11 am
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Haywood Co. & Tipton Co. Tennessee

At least these two; the mappack files were blank.
Mon Sep 02, 2002 9:43 pm
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error when running JiGLE

After downloading about 5 new county mappacks, JiGLE started giving me this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(Unknown Source) at JiGLE.makeMapPack( at JiGLE.loadPr...

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