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Postby DavePratiwir » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:14 am

I have an sm-p585y tablet with android 6.0.1 but there is no Wigle app for it on f-droid. Would it be possible to compile a new version? The gps and wifi are better on this device.
As I am also using an older i9082 mobile I wonder if you could also include the option to share gps location over bluetooth. Having two independent gps readings available might help correct location errors. I often have two or three phones with me. A small app to share location would also currently be useful for the tablet to the older phone as it often loses location in semi shielded areas, tablet is better.
[I caught the i9082 erroneously correcting a signal loss location error today, reading 50km/hr then slowed down to 30km/hr; in fact I wasn't moving relative to the Earth's surface at all at that time, nor was the phone. Thanks for the replies on these forums, useful and detailed information.]

Postby arkasha » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:08 pm

Hi David,

We don't maintain the f-droid build, but we do keep a FOSS version of the software compatible with f-droid up-to date here.

We'll add location sharing to the feature request list - there's some desire for a data sharing bus among users in other quarters.



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