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Suggestions for WiGLE/JiGLE/DiGLE

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My name is Martin O'Shield, Director of Business Development for www.WindyCitySDR.com.

We are currently working on establishing a Wireless network for a complete Town 25 miles outside of Chicago with a population of 35,000 + residents.

We'll also be updating our site in April listing 100+ Wireless products for use by the following:

- Individuals

- Companies in need of Internal/External Wireless computer networks up to 15Km/9 Miles away from branch offices

- Multi-Tenant Unit Buildings can enhance their values by deploying Wireless Technology to their residents handling all Telephone & Internet communications at rates they can charge accordingly. R.O.I. within 6 months - 1 year

- Ad-Hoc Networking

- Design Wireless Communications Networks for complete Towns, Communities, Neighborhoods, & Business Storefronts

If interested, please E-Mail me.


Martin O'Shield
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