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Yesterday and Today i have tried the GPS Mock thing function and it works GREAT !!!! :D :D :D :D
No more waiting for a GPS FIX and GPS Fix Lost where a couple of trees are where you driving becourse of the poor phone internal GPS device.

The only thing i see is that SATS (in view) are always zero, even if there are 9 sats in view. :?
But what the hack it works Great, two thumbs up for the programmer!!! :D

Regards, WiFi-Freak
We report what the mock location provider is providing, Bluetooth GPS would have to make 'gps status' calls with the number of satellites in view in order for Wigle Wifi to show them.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit

I have done some testing again with Bluetooth GPS Provider and the SATS status are still no reported (zero) in Wigle but this app causes Wigle to crash and whole my database was gone (Luckely i had a earlier backup) for me Bluetooth GPS is stable on my Galaxy Spica GT-i5700 (UltimateFrozenSpicaClairv2.0-perfected).

About Bluetooth GPS, this is working Great for me, now the phone can be held vertical and receives better Wi-Fi signals and it finds way more AP's than before.

You can also toggle Bluetooth GPS on and of from your app if you like, please see this page for commands:
Regards, WiFi-Freak
A setting to back up the database on upload would be nice.
and a restore from backup.

simple to do it manually, but it would be a nice feature.

I've lost my db to crashed a few times.

* edit

sorry did'nt see this post
Are there any plans to release the source code for the excellent "Wigle Wifi for Android" app? Or is posted somewhere that the google did not reveal?

On a separate note, are there any plans to release a Wigle app for iOS via Cydia?

Well done, it is a great app.

I have a few suggestions for the Android app:
  • - Have a setting to not log anything if there is no GPS lock. At least for me, just after enabling the GPS, the location stays the last found location, and the found wifi networks are wrongly placed for about 5 min (which, if I'm driving can cover quite some distance). Same if the GPS signal is lost ... the location defaults to some start point.
    - Have a setting to keep the screen on (no dim, no lock).
    - When exporting to KML - put the networks in separate folders by encryption type, so that with one click the user can hide all items with the same type.
    - Add the ability to download from the wigle.net the wify networks for a specified region (or maybe just around your location, or both)
BTW... nice (free) app. Keep up the good work.
  • It does not log without a GPS/network location. There are timeouts so if the location is stale it gets cleared waiting for a new one, after 10-15 seconds. So it will log when there is a location on the "list" tab. The map tab will default to a previous location that was seen as a best-guess, if there was no previous location from a prior run it starts in chicago, as we have to start it somewhere :) Also what you may be seeing is having both GPS and network locating on, if you lose the GPS lock it will use the network location which is not as accurate, then when GPS kicks back in it will use that again. You can disable network locating via the Android Location settings page if you want (I do).
  • The screen will lock on the "dashboard" tab. We have a todo to add a lock for the other tabs.
  • KML export needs some tuning.
  • We would like to be able to show the webmap tiles on the device, that will take some serious effort, however.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
Maybe it would be more simple to just download and add to the local database the data from the server for a certain region, not the tiles.

Postby lnx » Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:39 pm

The new German "translation" is a (poor) joke.

I speak both English and German, but the new UI is neither. It's incomprehensible gibberish; presumably produced by some automated translator or simply looking up the words in a dicitonary and picking the first translation.

Just to make this clear: It's not stylistically imperfect, it's ABSOLUTELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE. It doesn't make sense. I have to translate every single word back to English and try to figure out what it's supposed to mean.

PLEASE revert to English or get a proper translation.
Noted, next version to come out soon will have a menu to choose the language the app will use, rather than defaulting to what the device is set to. We would appreciate any corrections sent to wigle-admin[at]wigle.net, the language files are available on the Download page.
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Postby rala » Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:31 pm

I have a few suggestions, that are based on post from cristianh.
  • If it would be possible, add some option to never use location from network, even when it is enabled in Android Location settings page. I personally use location from network for various apps, that does not require such accurancy (weather etc.), as wigle android app. So it is not practical for me (and I guess for other people too) to turn it off and on every time I want to record networks around me with wigle. And a lot of times happend to me, that dozens of networks were wrongly written in my database because of GPS went out of signal and phone start using location from network. And I have to delete the database every time this happens, because I don't want to compromise the online one with this incorrect data.
  • Add ability to download at least networks uploaded by user of the app. (I had to delete my database a lot of times, so I'd like to get it somehow back :D ). But downloading networks for some location would be really nice too (not tiles).
Being able to not use the network locations when in-app is a good idea, and wouldn't be hard to implement, we'll try and get that in the next version. Being able to download previously observed and uploaded networks to the device's database is something we've started working on, hopefully we can get that in too.

Thanks for the good suggestions!
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
I would like that when you go to menu and close the app wigle service also closes, I don't want task killers or go to the menu to kill the service. I like that the app opens and closes when I ask it to do it.

Kind regards
That's already what happens, the service is shut down when the app is exited via the menu.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
Ok so close it and I go to running services and I have wigle wifi wardriving net.wigle.wigleandroid Or I close it in the services menu or with a task killer, it doesn't full close when you go to menu and quit the app.

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