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Postby alexwaller » Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:44 pm


Im from Europe!

I uploaded data i collected with the wigle client on android.
But I dont get anything back from the server.
No map, no file, no nothing.
Why should I collect and upload any longer?

I even cannot download the data I uploaded.
I am realy frustrated and stop supporting that project.

As You dont need my uploaded data for nothing, please delete them as soon as possible.


Postby uhtu » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:17 am

hi! congratulations!

we do, infact have maps of europe, try clicking on the "Web Maps" link
at the top of the page.

if you're still in the mood to have your posts removed, send
the request to with your account/transid/etc.



Postby bobzilla » Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:09 pm

Aye, this is a worldwide project, always has been. The WiGLE Android client collects data in its local database, and you can upload to the WiGLE database by pressing the button. The Android client's map shows data that has been collected during the current run. We'll likely enhance it to show more, like data you've collected previously, or data from the global database, but that will be tricky to handle that massive amount of data on a mobile platform.
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Postby iosint » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:48 am

I too was quite surprised when I discovered that the map application on as well as the search and download function is limited to United States data. Just like alexwaller, I am in a country in Europe.

I have found out that my best option for using the data I have collected myself, is to export my entire database into a KML-file and open that KML-file with Google Earth on my laptop. I have also pulled in the csv into Excel to be able to search and sort etc.

Still, I cannot leverage any of the data collected by other Wigle users in my area. And, what makes me even more annoyed is that I agreed to allow Wigle to use the data I collect for Commercial Purposes (and upon making that selection on my Android device, that settings box magically vanished!)

So, somebody from the Wigle crew, please explain this to us: Why the heck can you not provide a search & download interface that allows us to specify areas outside of the United States?

Please note that in the current situation, there is no value for me in uploading and sharing my data: I can't download it afterwards - neither my own data, nor the data of others in my area. You provide a nice app for the wardriving, but you are killing the community-spirit among users outside of the US.

If there is anything I am missing here with regards to how I should use Wigle, please correct me.

Postby iosint » Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:26 am

OK, I think I get part of this now. By using latitude and longitude in my search, I can list data from the area I am interested in, although with merely 100 hits listed at a time.
What I can't get is the map based browsing of registered networks, due to... to what? Why are there no network markers showing up when you move the map view (which uses Google maps) to Europe?

EDIT: OK, and now the map works too. You just have to leave it loading marker points for a couple of minutes.

Wigle crew, I'm sorry for yelling at you - you are doing a good job and providing an excellent world wide service to which I am happy to contribute my data.

Postby i_do_dew » Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:04 pm

Look at the section of the site for JiGLE and creating your own map packs in countries out side of the US.

In the US, Maps are provided by our Govt under a public works license. If you look at OSM for instance, all of the USA is mapped from a huge data import they did from our Census Bureau. That is the same data that the US supplied map packs come from. That is also the reason why map packs don't exist for other countries because the data other than OSM isnt licensed for it. You can use the Creating Map Packs documentation for generateing a map of any area, though you will want to keep the individual chunks realistic. You need to break it up into chunks so that your downloading updated data doesn't clobber the servers we all use thus the local copy of the DB that JiGLE and WiGLE WiFi use.

As an example I live in NY, USA and have Raster & Vector maps for all of the counties in this state plus counties from a few surrounding states. The combined data and maps from that area is 716MB. If I am going to be traveling to an area, only then do I update those counties. Some have not been updated for 3 years.
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