Is there a way to report obviously false scans?

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I mean, something like this: ... 0000-00000

It's fairly obvious that there's only forest and there's no way that amount of access points could be there. Is would be nice to be able to mark such obviously incorrect results. Maybe, if an upload file surpasses a certain percentage of wrong measurements, it should be erased from the database.
well, the best way to correct observations is to stumble more.

we're always listening at, although the only real thing that a
decade of watching these has revealed is that there is little obvious in the world.
So, you mean, if enough people scan those networks and report the correct position, your algorithm will devalue the wrong reports over time? Hm. Yeah, I guess that would work. However, with the growing userbase, maybe a mechanism to prevent users from accidentally or intentionally poisoning the database with wrong scans would be in order.

EDIT: Oh, by "fairly obvious" I mean: I know the area, I sometimes walk my dog there. There's no reception of any WLAN there. Really. Because there are only trees ;)
My guess it was from an airplane with a directional antenna pointed across the horizon.
Oh, right. I didn't even think of that possibility. Hm. Time to build my own drone and strap my phone to it, hm? ;)
My dream is to hang a directional antenna from a rc helicopter with my phone doing the wifi and video feed. I just need the rc helicopter $$$

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