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Hello !

The webmap does not seem to be working for nearly two moths now: It does not sow a map or wifi locations.
I've been using the map to look for unexplored areas to prepare for my runs. Sadly i cannot do this any longer. I've tried logging in to or using OSM in the webmap's options. Also creating a google-account did not fix the issue.

The older versions of the webmap do not show roads (i don't know it this is normal or if i have a problem displaying them as well) , so they don't help.

misteriously it does work on some systems

xp - firefox NO
xp - iexplorer NO
win7 - firefox NO
win7 - iexplorer NO
android - firefox YES - but not usable in my case since i cannot see much on my Galaxy S2 or Print the maps with ease.
android - build-in browser YES

Does someone experience the same limitations or do you have any suggestions fixing that please ?
I have the same issue. On Windows7 with Chrome - web maps do not work.
It would be nice workaround, if Android app would let me see all/my points on the map while tracking.
Browsers have started not showing non-ssl parts of web pages that are accessed via ssl, so to make it work you would have to force your browser to allow the non-ssl bits through. But we've converted to use the v3 google maps which allow ssl, so the problem should be resolved without any changes needed on your part. And we're forcing ssl everywhere :)
-bobzilla - just a little bit
Thank you very much !

The WebMap really does work again for me.

keep up the good work ! / thank you again.

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