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I would like to make a suggestion for the android app: Adding multiple observations from the same network on the same session.

Let's say I'm somewhere and walking towards the router. I first get to see the network a little far from it and with -85 signal.

As I walk towards it, my location changes and the signal is now at -40. But wiggle has already written in the database the location and signal from some seconds ago, and wont add a new observation with new location and signal until I start a new session.

My suggestion is make an option so the user can choose the time necessary to add a new observation from the same network.
For some people, 10 minutes might be fine.

But for example, If I'm trying to measure the coverage from an specific AP, while walking around the house or a park, I might set this to 10 seconds, so Wiggle add multiple observations while I walk around it.
The app does record multiple observations, based on time and distance factors.
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What does it take to trigger a new observation?
Because when I open the app and walk around the same area, it just logs the network once.
When you "click" the network to see the number of observations it doesn't change, even with 20 minute walking around the area.
It's somewhat complicated, balancing wanting more observations with not overloading the mobile device. In general, if you are in nearly the same spot it's once-an-hour. Otherwise if you move 0.001 in lat or lon. There's also a 'fastmode' if it's falling behind (queue filling up) that will log less, that doesn't happen much anymore as storage devices are quicker.

The code is at: ... .java#L664
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I know it's complicated balancing overloading with many observations and getting enought observations.

Maybe if you could select only one network to observe at each 10 seconds for some time, but then that is not the main objective of the app. Which is wardriving, not measuring an specific network coverage. It's that the app is so good that I want to use it to do it.
There's probably something we could do, maybe if the network is selected be willing to record more about it. I'll put in todo file.
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