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First of all best wishes for 2015!

I use the date range in the web filter to see which areas are interesting to visit (again).

Unfortunately the filter seems to be broken with the end date set to 2016 (e.g range 2015-2016), this will reset the filter and show all networking from the beginning.

Would be great if this could be fixed!
I wonder if there is any map data for 2015. As of the time of posting, my 1st January data points do not appear on the map. Either way I hope this is resolved soon as I rely on the maps for planning.
It looks like none of the 2015 data points are plotting.
It seems that it was just a matter of waiting for the map data to be updated. It has now arrived, and the range 2015-2016 is now working as expected.
Useful as it clears a lot of clutter and shows areas where current activity is taking place.

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