Points earlier than 2015 disappeared!

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I look at the map and do not find majority of wi fi points that used to be present. Looking at my points i may suggest that lost points are that discovered before 2015. Changing filters, logging out, watching in other browser and entering short url https://wigle.net/map do not solve this problem.

Moscow as it once was: http://habrastorage.org/files/f85/7e9/0 ... b519c1.png

Moscow as i see it now
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We're doing some updates to our web mapping system; please excuse our temporarily sparse maps. Don't worry, we didn't lose the data! :wink:
It is cool, but i think that new grey watermark looks exactly as silly, pointless and annoying as old colorful one.
I like the new one. it's a little less crazy looking; more 'business-oriented'.
Why do people need watermarks? Site users have no need for it at all, it only annoys, distracts and hides some useful content. Site owner may need it to prove facts of unauthorized copying (or give link to source of information if copypaster forgot to do it). In both cases they are not needed to be such gigantic. Look at the google maps' watermarks - they are almost invisible at satellite images (and totally invisible at maps).

Also such kind of watermark can be easily removed at all by subtracting it from image. Look at google watermarks again - each of they is multiplied by some random mask (and perhaps placed in random place), so it is much harder to remove they automatically.

So, if i was wigle's creator, i'd reduce size and/or opacity of watermark at least by 75% and bring some randomness in its appearance.
To prevent theft, and for brand awareness (for those instances when the map gets copied and put into a presentation, for example.)

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