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Hello, users from arround the world.

From what I understnd the municiple wifi here was a big deal globaly... That and we did have a bridge that fell, and I do have a storry or two about that.

Never the less I hadn't really used it. It hardly never works indoors and it's only a novelty to pay less than a buck for 10minuts of internet access, for an hour it's 3$ and the price pre min drops rdically after that, ending at something like 12/day.

Still if you need network access and forgot to pack your ethernet crossover access is avalible at the closet curb or nearest intersection. The SSID for that service is "City of Minneapolis Public WiFi" also on ericson hardware "00:0d:67..." but that's not why I'm posting.

For the past few weeks I've been interested in the ESSID "USIW Free WiFi" this is a service offered by the city of Minneapolis to allow most anyone access to the internet. This is of cource in addition to the free WiFi offered at the county libraries, ESSID "HCL_Public" the captive portal page has a single "Accept" button and just works with android's global captive_portal_detection_enabled.

There is also "FREERICE" at the MOA, no idea what's up with it, but there is no captive portal has direct internet access... If you can stand still long enough to use it.

and... on with it TLDR start here:::
Here is what I'm looking for, a map that lists all the AP signal levels... A saved search on the ESSID and ericson hardware prefix. I'd be interested in the world wide serach resutls, just for giggles and/or to confirm it's a "yahh, for sure" kinda delio.

I'm not talking avour the official documentatiomn "converter_271937.pdf" but mostly I'm looking to confirm the beacons at the lopcation and/or to discover any that are not documented.

I'd also like a google map listing each intersection with the last 3 octets of the BSSID.

With that said there is one more thing I need to tell everyone about our cities free WiFi and that's the instructions for getting out of tha captive portal.

The portal directs you to the Cikvic Garden homepage "" and thois is essentually a dead end. The page is the same from inside or ourside the portal and has no instructions on how to esscape.

First you'll need an account creat one using a credit card, they want to make sure if you hack homeland security they can trace it back to a name, instead of just a street address. ...

Afterward you can use this bookmark to login, note that it won't work from a new tab you've to load at least one page then use the bookmark. Edit the maked locations for your account.

javascript:!function(){var e=" ... =e;for(var i in o)if(o.hasOwnProperty(i)){var t=document.createElement("input");,t.value=o,n.appendChild(t)}document.body.appendChild(n),n.submit()}();

There are two pages one php and one pl.
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