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It would be nice feature to show only networks on map that have been seen by current user, but needn't to be discovered by him or her.

Would this be possible?

Furthermore, a nice-to-have-feature would be to have a link behind each line of uploaded file in queue that links to the map where only networks within this file are shown. THIS would be very nice! =)

Kid regards,
I agree on the map-per-upload linking, I often would like to have a KML of previous runs that I can pull up in Google Earth or other tools too. I know the app can export the current run to KML, but being able to map different runs via the site Uploads would be cool.
Any reply from team regarding this? I really would appriciate that! :)
Hi folks!

there are some interesting challenges here; do you want this as a feature for WiGLE WiFi Wardriving, or on the site?



I'd like to have these features for the website (https://wigle.net/map) :)
(interestingly because of data size and organization and our privacy safeguards, I think this would be easier to perform on your device than on the site)
Thanks for your reply, but I don't understand the following points:

+ When all points are shown on the map, this is very much more data than showing only the networks I have seen?
+ Why is this conflictory with privacy safeguards? I only want to show network I have seen. To my mind this is similar to the option to show only networks I discovered.
+ I uploaded also data from netxml and gpsxml files of kismet to wigle. Is there an export option for all seen networks? How shall I perform all seen networks display on my device then?
+ I know I can export a run in the wigle app. But once the run has stopped I only can export all data, not only the run. Do I understand this right?

This needn't to be a better-today-than-tomorrow-feature, but I really would appriciate an implementation! :)
We're working on ways to do this, not to worry... but there are some technical challenges.

There's a difference between all trilaterated points ("networks") you see on the maps and all individual measurements ("observations") that are used to estimate the position of networks - the maps we draw are based on the networks, which are a much smaller set. Searching/filtering all observations in real time is significantly larger challenge than networks. We have designed the system to avoid associating users with an individual observation - which includes a place and a time - in a way that's accessible on-line.

The export function for all seen networks exists as a simple list of BSSIDs to repopulate the DB in the mobile client. More detailed network records "discovered by me" are available as a search flag in the search system.

Each upload from the WiGLE app results in a stored file on the device, which which is a good approximation of the run - maybe building a way to access these more easily is a good "right now" step while we figure out the bigger challenges above?
Thank you arkasha!

I think it would be enough to only show the networks "I contributed to" - no need to recalculate the position only based on the contribution of a user - I did not mean that, sorry for misunderstanding :/
I understand that you did not save the user to the observation of network. That is a problem, right. Maybe this could be conjunction to "show networks per upload"-idea in future contributions?

I know the *.csv files the app stores on my phone. As of storage reasons I regularly clean them - so that is bad luck for me :( But this would be a temporary solution. Sadly Google Maps or open street map won't process files larger than 5MB. But for small runs this is an option, besides it does not show as much information as wigle does.

Thank you for your time! :)
Each upload from the WiGLE app results in a stored file on the device, which which is a good approximation of the run - maybe building a way to access these more easily is a good "right now" step while we figure out the bigger challenges above?
That would do it for me. I regularly save off all the .csv.gz files from the WigleWifi app, but then I have to convert them to KML to be able to pull up a run in Google Earth. Having a way to access the local files and export as KML would be a nice add for the app.

The complexities of doing this on the site are apparent, thanks for the extra info on that. From a privacy perspective, I wasn't thinking of being able to pull more than my OWN runs from my own Uploads. Definitely don't want my runs accessible to just anyone -- they are great stalker-maps and wouldn't make it easy to find my house, my work, my kid's school, etc.
I've been researching / testing out a few things, and I think it's practical to provide a "summary" KML export from your uploads list, if we do this right. We probably won't be able to express the individual measurements in V1 (that would require re-organizing the way we hold the data, and coming up with some clever way of representing all that detail), but I think we could provide a good summary of the run.

A couple of questions for public comment:
1. the KML spec has a lot of cool stuff, is placemark-per-net sufficient in V1?
2. What info would people like to see associated with each placemark?
3. What else do people want to see in the export?


Hey arkasha,

thank you for your reply. That sounds good! =)

Would this export be an export of all data per user or just per upload?
I have a fear that an export of too many networks could produce files larger than 5MB which Google Maps doesn't handle. At least Google Earth still works ;)

1) Of course! Just a map where the networks/points are located.
2) SSID (maybe with MAC) would be good, if possible the red/green color indicator known by wigle map to see the accuracy of the capturing.
3) An epic feature would be to see how many observations this network has. But that is not necessary.

Thank you! :)
This would be per run - multiple runs would be impractical with our server capacity, and you can always munge them on your side.

Check out the link behind the Transaction ID on your "Uploads" page, see what you think?
Very impressive! This is EXACTLY the thing I wanted! Thanks am lot!! <3
This.is.Awesome. Bravo on a great V1 start.

A couple of items:
Is that the MAC address in parentheses behind the SSID on each PlaceMarker? This takes up a lot of space on the Google Earth output -- I'd prefer the MAC to be down in the details if I click the pin.

I found two downloaded KML files that error when opened in Google Earth on OS X.
Transaction: 2017xxxx-00649, 2017xxxx-00740

(EDIT) just realized the transaction ID might be a good security test -- if I post the full one can anyone download my file via the API URL, or is that user-validated?

Code: Select all

Error: Open of file "Downloads/2017xxxx-00740.kml" failed: Parse error at line 3486, column 23: not well-formed (invalid token)
The line in question:

Code: Select all

<name>????? (2255881954466)</name>
Column 23 is the last "?" in the name.

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