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Postby Willba4 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:51 pm

so i just stumbled accross this website, and its AWESOME

i'm setting up a ubiquiti PtP link, and realized i could use this website to help with the initial alignment (as the link is quite far away)

ubiquiti has a "scanning" function, where it'll give you a list of the SSID and the MAC address for the wifi networks it can see.
it would be awesome if there was a way, to add a comma separated list into the search functionality to be able to show all the networks i can see at once?

as i would think, this would effectivly give me the "Line of Sight" from the antenna (i cant stand behind the antenna to align it by eye)
That's a good idea - we'll add it to The List!

Feel free to add +1s and further refinements in this thread.

Thanks for your interest!

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