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Postby Ap1803 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:12 pm

Aloha :lol:

Be awesome if somebody at any point could enable SSL for the IRC_server.. Not that I'm paranoid, have anything to hide, or anything like that at all..

I just think it helps to feel a lil' bit easier at mind that way, knowing there's *that* little extra layer of protection complicating traffic-interception - or worse (ok then, I'm slightly paranoid;]) - by eventual gnomes tuning in at any point/place along the series of tubes (oh yeah, and air-waves.. (yikes!)) that makes up the global internets.

Would think others with unusual anxiety; legitimate concerns or paranoia, or just the desire to by-default feel less likely to have their traffic nabbed by NSA or the (mor-or-less/unknown/ new neighboor as easily possibly could be more inclined to hop in @ irc.wigle.net as well then, given the opportunity to maintain 007 stealth-mode more easily .. 8)

Nothing important or anythng.. Couldn't see this wish from any others here yet, and to help burdening you with the numerous tasks I'm sure would be desirable but takes up so much work.. thought I'd add another little burden to the list of tasks .. Maybe some time if finding it convenient, or however allocated time for into the schedule of other to-dos.. Could be a nice addition, and I believe something more than just myself would come to apprecciate, possibly, more or less so anyway. Plus , I believe something that if serving a helpful purpose almost certainly would be unbeknownst to the one(s) benefiting from that, while hard to say if ever of any use.. just one of those things to help keep the clothes dry kinda. Generally making it more easily comfy for a wider range of folks to casually zap along and hop into this IRCd as well without need for second thoughts and excessive looking over ones shoulder.. :o)

Oh, and for the uninitiated, those unaware how to easily join the instant-chat IRC-server or anyone else who now could need a reminder of connection details ... no stress, I've got you.. here ya go>
Server Hostname: irc.wigle.net
Server Port: 6667 (default)
Server's main channel: #wigle

If ye have a GUI IRC-client (such as (www.) mIRC (.com) for Windows) you can type the following itwo lines consecutively in the main console-windows to first connect to the server, and then join the channel #wigle: /server irc.wigle.net:6667 and after all that text has passed on your screen and stuff quieting down a bit, type in the following to gain entry into the main VIP-lounge: /join #wigle

If you're too much of a n00b, simply lazy, or in a rush ifnot simply wanting things made easy for you... with some luck this web-chat link may also be able to bring you there with minimal additional effort (required JavaScript, hosted on third-party server(s)).. No need for thks BTW.; but u're welcome .. o_0 . . . . .
....as following =>

Lol; I'm sorry; I talk a bit much 'some times'.. heh8) more than for my own good at times even I'm afraid. To summarize in a more concise manner and as a more conclusive end here; I'll add emphasis in bold for the lazy or hurried, as a TL;DR to specify the essence of my inquiry once more ~+>

Pls; +SSL-encryption for IRC.WIGLE.NET - if able and willing some time....that'd be kewl!

Just thought I'd throw it out there-- a lil suggestion more, mhh? .. just my 2c neway! (ha..) ;} (plus that bit of infoz for the uninitiated on the under-estimated vast resource that is IRC-chat, in case some may find some eventual use in that.. IRC is generally an amazing resource - for so many more things - and I believe alot of people are missing out still-- check it out if you haven't already! Don't believe those rumors of it being dead...that has been claimed since late 90s..heh!!)

uhhh...yeah.. I guess that was all for now..huh. Seeyas!
- Thanks in advance anyway. G'day n take care eh ^_-

Best rgds,

Postby bobzilla » Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:36 am

Port 6668 has the ssl enabled. Just a self-signed cert from long ago, we could pry start using our real ones.
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit

Postby Ap1803 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:30 pm

Port 6668 has the ssl enabled. Just a self-signed cert from long ago, we could pry start using our real ones.
Oh, I hadn't noticed. Nice..awesome!

..sweet, Imma hop on in shortly and give that 6668 +ssl a test soon too shortly, then.

Many thanks , and for whatever else u're doing to make this place as good as it seems.. very cool

cheers! . n hope y'al well, too. g'day n take care then folks -_^

in ssl we trust

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