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I have a project that I may want to use Wigle as a "sensor" for input and integration into another geo-collection platform, but... since the Wigle app doesn't have a live streaming capability, this would be less than optimal. There are ways to sort-of do it, such as uploading, then using ADB to pull the data into the other device for processing/integration, but I'm thinking a streaming connectiong, via Bluetooth, ADB, SSH, or whatever would be awesome.

Arkasha has asked me to gauge interest in this and see if anyone else would like to see this. As a recap: We have a processing platform and would like to use the Wigle application as a live "sensor" to provide real-time data to our platform, so we want some sort of live-streaming capability in-built to the Wigle Android app itself.

Thanks in advance!
I've used AirBeam/AirCast to stream live air particulate data, so streaming wigle data could be cool too. I'd probably only do it from a stationary location over WiFi, because I'm too cheap to use cellular for uploads usually.
I was thinking json over ADB would be awesome. Then you just use a raspberry pi or something similar while you're mobile. Bluetooth would be cool, but might interfere with separate, but related, bluetooth scanning. haha. Or... keep a growing json file in the wiglewifi folder and that could be pulled quickly and easily over MTP.

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