HOW TO: Start/Stop Scan/Pause WiGLE WiFi Android when a battery, location, network, or other event happens

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Guide to using intents in WiGLE:

Some of the most common WiGLE WiFi feature requests include numerous permutations of "start/stop scanning," upload, or quit when certain external conditions are satisfied (1, 2). While we may eventually implement the most popular of these in WiGLE WiFi Wardriving, you need not wait to get this functionality!

WiGLE uses a feature of the Android operating system named "broadcast intents" - these are an operating system-supported mechanism for passing simple messages between Android applications. In order to do simple automation based on system events, people have built a whole suite of cool tools where you can set up broadcast intents to fire when any of a large number of system events take place.

Currently, the app supports four primary intents:
1. Start Scanning: net.wigle.wigleandroid.SCAN
2. Pause Scanning: net.wigle.wigleandroid.PAUSE
3. Upload current networks: net.wigle.wigleandroid.UPLOAD
4. Stop WiGLE WiFi: net.wigle.wigleandroid.END

There are plenty of different apps that can fire broadcast intents for android, but we've tested with Tasker and Automate

Tutorials for settings up broadcast intents with the app of your choice are available online, but the tasker guide serves as a good staring point.

Implementation notes:
- you *must* specify the whole name in the "Action" (e.g. net.wigle.wigleandroid.UPLOAD )
- you *must also* include the "Package" ( net.wigle.wigleandroid ) even though it's redundant.
For Tasker users, user DNC composed some helpful screenshots demonstrating how to configure an "Action" to trigger a WiGLE intent:
dnc-tasker-action-1.png (51.93 KiB) Viewed 8255 times
dnc-tasker-action-2.png (54.61 KiB) Viewed 8255 times

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