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I'm wandering if there is a way to "paint" o mark roads in a map (google earth pro, googlemaps or anything else) where you haven't scan with wigle/kismet in my city o parts of my city

could I do a marking for every road corner and check if there is no near wifi marked?

could this be done in Python?
The problem here is that we don't measure "negatives" - we don't know whether a road hasn't been covered (and don't want people uploading their routes for privacy reasons) or just doesn't have any signals near it. That being said, there are some proxies for this.

in the app:
turn on map tiles in the settings pane, set whether you want to see YOUR points, OTHERS points, or EVERYONE's points, and then pick a "since" year - the tiles will appear on your map as you go.

on the site: you can configure a lot of the same stuff in the web maps.

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