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Suggestions for WiGLE/JiGLE/DiGLE

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Postby Chuckster » Tue Jul 30, 2002 6:33 am

Howdy all..

I was reading through the postings on NS and saw this alternative place
to post findings. I believe in a message thread started by Blackwave.

I have added my Tampa,ST.Pete, and Orlando AP's to the collective. I do
not get much time to stumble, however I will post whenever I can. A very funny
thing tho. I was driving through ST. Pete june 24th at about 10:15 am on 6th street headded south. I was late for a meeting and had my gear off but I look to
my right at a light and see a man walking around waving an Ipak in the air with a lucent card on the battery/PCCard slot. I tried to get his attention however he started walking rapidly away from my vehicle. I just thought it was funny..

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