When scanning is paused, scans initiated by non-WiGLE apps still register (is that a bug?)

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Isolated a weird problem today (thanks to several users who provided evidence for all the confusing parts of this one):

If another application initiates a network scan while WiGLE WiFi is active, but scanning is paused, the results are registered and categorized by WiWiWa.
We have a listener that receives a callback whenever a scan completes. When you disable scanning, we stop initiating scans, but we don't destroy the listener. This means that when Google Location services, or any number of other apps ask to see nearby networks, our background listener gets notified at the same time they do, and you see what they saw on your screen and in your DB.

What do folks think? Is this more useful to leave in, or does "off" mean "off" no matter what else your device might be doing?


When I pause scanning I do so to save energy when I am in a fixed location for a while.
Therefor it wouldn't bother me if the listener still picks up scans initiated by another app, might as well collect info if a scan is performed.
Keep it like it is now.

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