Huge uploads after reinstalls, bug or feature?

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A "long time ago," after uninstall/reinstalls of the Wigle app, a very large upload (hundreds of Megabytes) would be observed, even though the old WigleWifi_date-time.csv.gz and wiglewifi.sqlite, etc. files stayed on the device, and the amount of scanning since last upload was "normal" (usually no more than a couple Megabytes each). This issue was ignored because it was infrequent, but the frequency has increased with more frequent updates to the device OS or testing of new Wigle app versions. It could be faulty human memory, but it also seems like the huge uploads may not be the first upload after reinstall, but it is soon after. The concern is obviously tying up the device for a long time during this upload (i.e. for hours), unnecessary network traffic, and extra server load. So the question is, can't these huge uploads be avoided? On a related general point, uploads seem to require nothing else being done with the device; could uploads be done in background, so the device could still be used for other things at the same time?

Sorry in advance if this is a known issue or fixed in newer versions.

Hardware and software:
WigleWifi-1.4,appRelease=2.10,model=GT-P7510,release=7.1.2,device=p4wifi,display=N2G48C test-keys,board=p3,brand=Samsung
Galaxy Tab 10.1
[ROM][Unofficial][AOSP] Android 7.1.2 Nougat (by decatf on XDA)
interesting, we're looking into it.
Do you allow SD card access, or are you all on-device?
It might be that you can avoid this by moving the DB marker to the "end" of the DB before scanning, but we shouldn't be losing that setting.


I give the app all permissions it requests, IIRC, location and storage. The tablet only has internal storage, no extra sd card. I don't know how to make the DB pointer change you suggested.
On the Database menu item there is a "Maxout DB Marker" button which movies the high water mark up to the end. There is code which should detect an existing database with a marker of zero and move the marker up to 10,000 minus the top. That works most of the time, but I've had it fail on me just today so there's some race condition that needs to be ironed out. And/or we need a way to edit that number to a specific value.
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