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Until now I've been focused 100% on my Raspberry Pi WarDriving Rig but it lacks the ability to collect Cell Site data.
I have therefore just purchased a Samsung Galaxy III 4G to sit along side my Pi and run the Android Wigle WiFi. The phone will live in the boot of the car, permanently plugged in, and will therefore shutdown once the battery runs out. When i start my car, the phone will be powered and turn on. Thus, my questions are:
- How can I autostart the app when the phone first powers up.
- How can I configure it to auto upload the data to Wigle (I don't want to have to click a button)
Heya Dusterz,

Thanks for your interest! I think Tasker is the common solution to the auto-start question - we have action hooks built for intents to shut down the app from events as well - see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1717&p=9351. We haven't built out auto-upload yet, but that's one of the ultimate goals of a lot of the work we've done on the client over the last few months - watch this space!


-ark and the WiGLE team
Auto upload as a broadcast intent will be included in the next release of the Android client (2.27).

the action name will be:

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once more, just like with waze and our termination receiver you can set it up using that action name and target will be:

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Wow awesome thread!
I was looking for somethung like this, but something that would be nice is to have a little lcd screen showing how many networks found on a particular run, to make sure everything is logging properly
I think the android-wear stuff can send status updates via intents, but I can't imagine any of us want buy a hackable watch! ;)

There's a longer discussion about a stats- or even data-bus between networkable Android devices/other devices that aardvark11 was suggesting here! Participate in the discussion, help refine our ideas. Also: Pull Requests are always welcome on github!
oh, and pardon my copypasta - the intent name will be

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like I initially posted! That would be silly, since we already use that one.
Fab - Keep up the good work.
This should be released now, btw - feedback welcome!

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