For sale - GPS Navigator for car/motorcycle/bicycle - 30 €

The gear needed for wardriving

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As I have purchased a new Magellan CrossOver GPS device for navigational use, I am selling my old MC navigation solution cheaply on a first come, first serve basis, for only 30 € including shipping worldwide.

The device stands almost as new, with just a tiny bump on one side, caused by going sideways on a slippery road.

Some facts:
- complete worldwide mappack included.
- Wigle compatible plotting of networks.
- largest display on the market, 360 degree view
- mount fits for both car and motorcycle, and can be adapted for bicycle.
- very userfriendly and simple to use - point interface.
- colour: blue
- comes with "World Wide" compatible recharging interface.
- waterproof exceeding IPX7 standards.

As said, it's sold on a first come, first served basis, for only 30 € including shipping.

Picture in next post.

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Picture enclosed at bottom.



PC Engines make awesome boards. I have a WRAP 2E that works very nicely. At the moment, I'm trying to rig up a 10xAA battery pack for it (10x1.2v 2000mah Ni-MH batteries) and get the GPS working with it (no USB connector on this one, only solder pads for one :) )

I've also got a VIA EPIA board I'm slowly building up...

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