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Hey all!

I have two questions.

1) I just started wardriving and when I went the other day I used Kismet. It was finding all sorts of juicy information. However when I finished I couldn't find anything in the netxml about an AP having WPS enabled. I discovered 6000 or so networks and with how common WPS is I found it shocking that nothing showed up about WPS. Is there an option to tell Kismet to discover WPS as well as other settings? The Wigle mobile app seems to pick up WPS (it shows up next to networks) so it seems odd that a project as large as Kismet would not discover WPS. Is there a special flag I need to give Kismet to discover WPS?

2) I would like to build software that displays Kismet stats on an LCD for a Raspberry Pi while wardriving. Is there an easy way to grab this information from Kismet while it is running besides parsing the netxml log? Parsing the xml would be trivial, but as more and more networks are added it would become expensive, especially on a little Pi. Info would be things like total networks discovered, total with WPA discovered, total with WEP discovered, etc.

Edit: I just found out that airodump can actually do GPS logging too. Would it be better to use airodump instead of kismet for realtime gathering?

kismet is one of the best tools out there for Serious^tm Nethuggers, it certainly detects WPS (although I don't know offhand about enabling that in logging, perhaps a Serious Nethugger will pipe in with their $0.02(BTC 0.000042).)

everything WigleWifi does is bog-standard android (which just gets it from wpa-supplicant.)

re: 2) kismet has an exciting plugin system which would be your tightest coupling point for integration.
Is there documentation on the API for plugins? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I am looking in the kismet.conf and there does not appear to be anything about WPS
Social networking combined with wireless stumbling? This is actually kinda interesting but unfortunately I currently do not have an Android device.
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