WRT54G makes even greatER Kismet drone in 2014!

The gear needed for wardriving

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wow, so 10 years later some crazy devotes his life to improving the low-level radio performance of this unit. They've always worked great, now perhaps they may soon be much better. Check out the "b43 frequency chaos" patch https://sites.google.com/site/a5134p/in ... ency-chaos

The patch has definitely improved detection in "dense" environments, working flawlessly on a number of wrt54gs wrt54gl, etc. Could use -your- input...
I like to explain wardriving by comparing wireless networks to Pokémon...
Stop trying to make me buy more stuff and string more wires in my car. I'm on to you. :D

I've been outside the box. There's a bigger box.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and eventually you will run out of fish.
Unfortunately for me, wardriving is and must always be a zero-dollar hobby.
Fortunately for me, I have 14 working WRT54G ; ) Most fully mod'd with 2GB SD cards and hardware GPS for self-contained kismet. I let my less-fortunate friends borrow them in their cars.

Reception is already pretty good, but if I am to believe reported RSSI in tcpdump (and Kismet), they only consistently receive down to -83dBm under b43 driver. If the BCM2050 PHY is hacked on a little, it should be possible to get back to the -96dBm performance of wl.o driver... and then even better, at least for this specific application.

The wardriver's primary objective right now is the reception of 802.11b DSS packets, and this box has always been very good at that. The above-linked patch helps in congested RF environments because offset tuning desensitizes the radio 802.11g OFDM reception more than the 11b rates. Further changes, like re-programming the BCM4306 style "Programmable RX Filter" http://www.hotchips.org/wp-content/uplo ... oadcom.pdf should allow much better than stock performance in beacon-collection applications.

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