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Postby baghero » Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:52 am

So I need to build a large-scale WiFi localization system as a part of my master's thesis.

Basically what I wanna do is to record a snapshot of signal strengths from different AP:s with a portable chip. The chip is offline and can't access any database itself so basically what we want to do is to have a server software doing the localization after the chip has been connected to a computer.

I have read quite a lot and believe a Geometric solution is the best where we record snapshots of the received signal strengths and then use a function to transform these into approximate distance so that trilateration can be used to compute an approximate position with help of the positions of the different AP.

The thing is that I don't really know where to start with WiGLE or even if WiGLE is the right database for us. Anyone who have tried to create a similar solution and could help me get started?
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