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Postby 32894156 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:27 am

I started a bit over 2 months ago, and am up to about 105,000 AP discovered.
I use a Moto X 1st generation, and have had nothing but trouble since I started. For one thing, for a while (many days) after I started, I never heard any audio, including beeps and boops and any other audio audio message. No, it wasn't because the volume was set to 'zero'! The volume was set to the maximum. But days later, and for no obvious reason, the thing spontaneously started 'beeping' and 'booping' and speaking its audio message. Over the last 2 1/4 months, the thing has various almost randomly between emitting sound, and not doing so. Right now, it hasn't emitted sound for a few days, and I am getting quite frustrated. It is difficult to do a run if I cannot hear what the results are. Further, during a run, I rather frequently see the screen go flat white, or announce an available wifi site (xfinity), despite the fact I think I turned off that feature. It takes a manual push of a 'button' to bring it back to the base screen.

Postby ithink314 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:26 pm

Just a thought, but, could you be accidentally hitting the app's mute button now and then?

Postby 32894156 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:45 am

You said, "Just a thought, but, could you be accidentally hitting the app's mute button now and then?"

I am definitely not hitting any button, The Moto X is hanging upside down, from its power cord, from my rearview mirror, and only rarely do I ever touch it. When I DO touch it, it is to 'return' the screen back to the "List" function. I talked to one of the people running, and he mentioned something like "phantom key-presses". I don't know what could cause that to happen. Right now, it is on its occasional habit of NOT emitting any sounds (either beeps or boops, or voice). It is very inconvenient to use this device without audio feedback. And it regularly 'discovers' Xfinity WiFi sources, even though I have explicitly programmed it to NOT do so! What's worse, when it is in the Map function, and the thing discovers a WiFi and asks if I want to logon, often when I turn it back it has erased the pattern of as-found WiFi AP's on the map. This is amazing!

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