Geolocationing using WIFi on Offline Device

The gear needed for wardriving

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Hello everyone!

We are a group of creatives building a portable game device to make games in the cities. For geolocation service (understanding if the player is on game location) we want to use WiFi networks, since they are very dense in the cities and can give quite good results.

Basically, the script should do a scan, record available BSSIDs with their signal strengths, and then lookup from a database to calculate the player location. Is there already examples to this? Like source code that efficiently "reverse" triangulates the position? Also possible ways of dumping the database for a specified City (Vienna in our case)?

Our device is based on C.H.I.P., a new hardware that recently Kickstarted:
It is quite similar to Raspberry Pi 3. It will not have connection to internet, so the api/satabase/service should be offline.

You can see our project here:

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