Whitestar - fully automatic car-installed wardriving

The gear needed for wardriving

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via Hackaday, a car rig that just works (some assembly required!):



Somewhat near the begining, there's reference to some bin files that I can't seem to figure out where they come from. My default Ubuntu package doesn't seem to have them, nor can I locate them being installed. However, I also don't see them in his git repo.

/usr/local/bin/kismet-add-source and /usr/local/bin/kismet-remove-source are the ones I'm talking about. The idea of notifying kismet via a udev action of plugging in another USB adapter is a great idea I hadn't thought of.

edit: nevermind. Found them: https://github.com/mgrela/whitestar/blo ... add-source and https://github.com/mgrela/whitestar/blo ... ove-source

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