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After successfully implementing Kismet on the Raspberry Pi, I wish to code a module to track cell towers with GPS location to run along side kismet.
(1) What is the best file format for Wigle to process? CSV or XML
(2) Is the specification documented? i.e: fields, type, optional/mandatory, etc
(3) and/or, an example would be really useful.
Thanks for any help.
Thanks for your interest!

We support the whole gamut of Kismet formats (.csv, .xml, .netxml, .gps, .gpsxml, .nettxt, CWGD) - but different formats have different pros and cons; many folks upload a consolidated tarball containing several formats to maximize measurement diversity, location, etc.

Based on some back-of-the-envelope queries, it looks like netxml and gpsxml are the most popular, followed by csv.

Please don't send us pcap files; we don't want any sensitive data (we discard it anyway)
Thanks for the quick reply.
But I was asking about 'cell towers' and not 'WiFi'.
To the best of my knowledge, Kismet doesn't do 'Cell Towers' but i'm happy to be wrong :)
oh, sorry. apparently my reading comprehension isn't up to par!

Other than our WiGLE CSV format, I don't know of anything that records them. There isn't any good documentation, but you can read about the WiGLE CSV format here: https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... rTask.java



This thread among other things has pushed us to review and update our cell logging core! Hoping to do a release soon that includes:
https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... g/pull/236 https://github.com/wiglenet/wigle-wifi- ... g/pull/230

Short version: Ability to differentiate between CDMA,GSM,LTE,WCDMA networks. Android doesn't seem to give us a band or channel number that's easy to use for CDMA, but for the other three, we'll be using ARFCN (GSM), EARFCN (LTE), and UARFCN (WCDMA) in the channel field on the upload.

We're not revising the CSV file format for this, since it uses previously un-interpreted fields on the server side - unless we hear that this is a bad idea, we'll consider these a late-breaking fix to the current file format.

Feedback welcome!

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