Question about the weighted-centroid trilateration named in the FAQ

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering how calculates/estimates the location of a network and found a paragraph in the FAQ:

How does triangulation work?
The "triangulation" is actually just an average of the latitudes and longitudes gathered using the signal strength (squared) as a weight. This is probably more correctly called "weighted-centroid trilateration." This assumes that signal strength will change at the inverse square of the distance. This is reasonable as long is you don't get a one-sided view of the network (i.e. only sample it from one side) since it will be skewed in that direction.

Based on that information I searched for some research papers to understand the methods/algorithms better.

D. Han et al. (Researchgate Source) differs between weighted centroid and trilateration:

Based on their differentiation would you say that uses a weighted-centroid approach or a trilateration?
I'm asking because I have to write a paper about it :)

Many thanks in advance!
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