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Is there a document that explains Wigle - what each icon means, what the various colored dots represent when you select a AP on the App... generally how it works so a newb like me can grasp certain things they are seeing?

Question in point; when I select an AP and see a clustering of dots on the map in a place I know I've been, I can assume that's where I was when I 'saw' that AP, but quite often I'll see a series of these dots radiating out in a directly straight line away from the cluster of other dots for that AP... what's that? I'm guessing it has something to do with the App not having a good fix on my location - no gps fix - and is trying to use cell tower triangulation?

There's no manual yet - but pull requests are very welcome!
If you have a little time to watch a video, a couple of power users did a pretty remarkable demo and talk at def con last year

You're correct; each dot is a signal-strength colored observation. If you see a straight line of dots like that, it frequently means your GPS or driver is malfunctioning. We build the tool to be stackable and inspectable. We welcome users to check out the app's local SQLite DB, and we write out upload files in compressed, comma separated value format so you can inspect them. We filter these out as best we can on the server side, but we give you the raw data for local use, including the bugs.

If you upload, you can actually click the transaction id on the site, or hit the "eye" and "share" links in the uploads screen on the app to export as KML (google earth format) - the exported version will show the corrected "best guess" location for each network.

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