How is the Est. Lat and Est. Long calculated?

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Is it just the avarage of all coordinate datasets for this MAC or is the signal strength integrated in the calculation? Do you know how accurate your calculations are?
Oh you, look at the FAQ:
The "triangulation" is actually just an average of the latitudes and longitudes gathered using the signal strength (squared) as a weight. This is probably more correctly called "weighted-centroid trilateration." This assumes that signal strength will change at the inverse square of the distance. This is reasonable as long is you don't get a one-sided view of the network (i.e. only sample it from one side) since it will be skewed in that direction.
But I don't know if it's just copied from the internet or if it's actually used by wigle.
that remains accurate - we know that that's subject to arterial bias, and doesn't use variations in signal strength, but it seems reliable based on the maps.

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