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Postby afvyq » Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:29 pm


I was playing around with the WiGLE map, and I'm impressed at its zooming and querying capabilities. I would like to know what is the DB technology being used here, if possible.

The reason why I'm impressed is because of the data volume (potentially hundreds of millions of points), and the granularity levels with which you can query. Not only does it let you see a map for the whole world (with aggregated points), but it also lets you see the fine-grained individual points and what network they refer to. Not only that, but it actually lets you query for a single BSSID and view all points pertaining to it, at multiple zoom levels.

I would assume something like this would need a powerful big data database.

So, I'm curious to know more details about the backend that supports this, please.

Best regards.

Postby arkasha » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:42 pm

We use a wide range of technology, much of it is hand-rolled (since we've been around a while, a lot of new cool stuff has arrived, and we haven't always incorporated it).

A few elements of our tech stack we're really happy with:
- MySQL / MariaDB have worked for us since the start
- ElasticSearch is amazing
- ESRI and Google Maps both allow for cool tile overlays that are pretty snappy
- We do the "silver lining" on the mapsearch (coverage area) client side, using detail queries and open-source convex hull.



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