Any drivers here? Couple of questions on power inverters

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Well, after 10 (maybe 11) years, my 1500 watt Cobra inverter died on me. Definitely not complaining about the amount of time it's powered up a multitude of devices in the truck over the years.

So, now I'm looking to buy a new one. I'm torn between getting a new 1500 watt or upgrade to 2500. I'm definitely going with another Cobra. I'm also replacing the wiring, as well.

Now for a couple of questions:
What size wire for the 1500 watt?
The 2500 watt inverter has double + & - power connections. What size wire for each? Even the wiring kit direct from Cobra only comes with 3 wires (+, - & body ground).
What are the prices of them at the T/A & Petro (Loves, Pilot, and Flying J only sell the RoadPro's in that size)? I'm at home and if the price is too high, I'll just order one from Amazon. I can get the 1500 for $101.84 & the 2500 for $165.00. But, if it's only a few $$$ more, I'll pick one up on Sunday when I'm out again (going past a T/A & a Petro).

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Any thoughts?

With the wiring, I want to put fuses on the positive side. What amperage for the 1500 & 2500?
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