I am not expert but I am determined to find out why there is a wireless network in the swamp behind my property. LOL

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So I just discovered this site. Call me whatever, noob, incel, whatever you want. I probably banged your sister anyway.
How accurate is this map? There is a wi-fi network in the middle of the woods behind my property called "Captaindick Expedition"
I tried to lookup the mac address and see who the manufacturer is but nothing comes back.

Lookup "Phil Roberts RD, Ona FL" and follow the dead end of Phil Roberts RD due West and the wifi network is in the shaded swampy forest area near Horse Creek.

Any insight before I get a gun and go trespassing in the woods trying to solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry about your sister.
before you assume the worst (or grab your guns), note that WiGLE displays what are called "signal-weighted trilaterated centroids" for networks. it's possible that someone deployed that network on one side of your swamp, then the other, and the location has averaged out to where it has due to either a very small or very large number of observations in both locations. I'd consider driving around the *edge* of the swamp first with Kismet or WiGLE WiFi running, and see whether you detect its current location definitively. Dry feet, dry powder, and you'll be back before your sister and I are expecting you. ;)


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