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Postby arkasha » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:09 pm

WiGLE imposes a sliding scale daily query threshold on accounts.

We do this because of the widespread efforts to abuse the project, circumvent our EULA and policies, and to keep our hosting costs under control. This means each day, each account has a fixed number of queries it can make against the "search" and "detail" server endpoints either through the website or through the API. People often ask about the limits, but there aren't simple fixed answers because they change according to behavior.

If you've recently registered and done nothing to prove you're a human instead of a harvesting robot farm, your limit will be very low.

If you use the site in a way that doesn't look like a robot, upload real (yeah, we do some checks) data, hang around, your limit climbs automatically.

If you register lots of accounts to try and get around the limits, upload bogus data, or behave in lots of other ways that match our filters for "bad faith" actors, your limits will stay the same, diminish, or even worse things can happen.

We reserve the right to make these calls, and we know we don't always get things right. Because of the scale of the project, and the fact that it's no-one's day-job, we rely on a lot of automation. You're always welcome to contact us (please use the admin email) and describe an interesting project you have in mind - especially if it's for the public good, discuss ways to improve the system, or appeal a limit. We're always open to helping out, it's what we're here for, although we don't feel obliged to help you get rich without supporting WiGLE.

If you want to use the WiGLE data as part of a money-making project, then the terms of our agreement require that you enter into a commercial license with us - this respects the wishes of our users, who choose to opt-into commercial use of their data (or not), helps support the project and defray those hosting costs so everyone can have a higher query limit, and helps you achieve your goals more efficiently and quickly (commercial accounts can get higher query limits, since they're helping us pay for all this).

We don't currently take donations outside of the commercial license framework, allow "guest content," or place ads - we feel that those models contravene the spirit and goals of the project: education, awareness, security, making surprising maps, and cool research.
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