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In a blow to the networking, security, and wardriving hobbyist communities today, Google has officially marked their decision to throttle wifi scanning for non-Google software on Android 9 and up as "Won't Fix" in spite of popular community support for a configurable option. ... #comment90

They've variously attributed this decision to "battery life" and "privacy," but in point of fact, this decision establishes a de-facto data monopoly for their internal WiGLE-equivalent database, and eliminates useful functionality from their platform. WiGLE will continue to support WiGLE WiFi Wardriving on as wide a range of legacy (scan-enabled) Android devices as possible, as well as exploring modifications to FOSS Android codelines to remove this anti-competitive change. We will continue our mission of security education and awareness, and will pursue Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cell data collection by all means at our disposal.
WOW ! Big news there.
So I'm happy I've come back. Been away a few years from Wigle...don't know why...but now back !
So ... question immediately...what is the "...their internal WiGLE-equivalent database" ?
And...maybe it's time to cook a customer ROM for older Androind phones ? I still have a Galaxy S2 and am sure many people around has kept older working phones.... I suggest to start (if not done already) a project for a dedicated custom ROM for a "light" Andriod. Data is optional. We just need WiFi and GPS support. To do Wigle ! Is it a good idea ?

Have a nice day, ciao from Italy
You seem to have stirred the sh!t well, based on the number of comments flowing into buganizer in the past several mailbox is overflowing with all the expressions of joy <sarcasm> at this decision from Google.

Hopefully the public outcry makes some difference and they walk back the decision in some fashion.
What do we do if they won't listen ? We don't upgrade phones. Maybe. But if I buy a new phone... then ? I have to mount a cooked ROM ? And will there be any (old enough) that keep this WiFi scannning functionality ?
Thanks ... e-to-stay/

[quote=arkasha post_id=10173 time=1559141446 user_id=54] ... e-to-stay/



Fixed ! Thanks !
IS there a fix for Android 9? seems like Wigle can scan every 2 minutes (or something) only.
Is there a kernel compiler option or something?
Im using LOS16.
No one has done a kernel level fix that we're aware of. It's possible to approximate a fix on Pie by split-screen running the Settings "WiFi List" tool with WiGLE WiFi, since Google exempted their own apps from the limit.
On Android 10, in programming options throttling can be turned off.
Have refound an old LG G3 device running Android 6 without SIM, installed Wigle with autostart option and placed with a charger in my car.
Only need an 'auto upload option' , when the device is connected to my home wifi in the driveway.
Anyone who could program that?
use Tasker or similar to trigger an upload intent when on your home network!

see viewtopic.php?t=2502


I use two Moto X4's, ("Android One")and I have prevented them from updating to Android Pie: Mostly because of the WiFi scanning problem that is being talked about here. My understanding is that when Android 10 (?) becomes available, this scanning limitation will be removed. At that point, I expect to allow the phone to update to Android 10. Is this plan tactically sound?
Does anybody know if Android Pie is CURRENTLY actually throttling WiFi scans, or is this merely a future possibility? Could I allow the current version of Android Pie to install, secure in the knowledge that unless they actually install a version that throttles, I am safe from this pestilence?
we have no information suggesting that any version of Pie is not throttling.
[quote=Camis post_id=10325 time=1567764051 user_id=109737]
On Android 10, in programming options throttling can be turned off.

Is this currently known to be true?
that is correct.

You must 1. enable developer mode 2. disable the scan throttling option.

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