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Big changes in network positions are sweeping the globe!
For weeks now, we've been cleaning up data that our previous trilateration algorithm had incorrectly judged as a "tie." The southern hemisphere is complete, and we're working through some of the most densely-observed areas in the northern hemisphere, which will take a while. This will manifest as sharp "bars" working across Europe/Northern Africa and the halves of North/Central America. We're proud of the data improvements we're making in the face of a great increase in mobile access points since we devised our original algorithm, and will continue to improve our system!

That's good to hear, for years now I've noticed locations appearing in areas that seemed unlikely (deep in swamps), trilateration is not an easy calculation so it was not too surprising given all the variables in everyone's "measurements". This will be very nice to see, thank you!
I noticed that while scanning with the APK in the background, there have been some cases where networks are recorded way far away from their true source, most likely my weird configs but is accountable to the random outliers? I'm sure other travellers with better setups can eventually "correct" it in someway but I wouldn't think a random house has a gas pump.
wireless signals are strange, and phones and driver software even stranger!

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