Kismet drone on wireless router? (e.g. Linksys WRT54GL)

The gear needed for wardriving

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I've just dusted off two Linksys WRT54GL, and noticed some older posts enthusiastic about their radio capabilities.
However, for setting up Kismet on this hardware, I only found decade-old instructions and Kismet MIPS binaries from 2004...
Has anybody recently set up a WRT54GL as a Kismet drone and could give me some pointers? Thanks.
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Update: I gave up on trying to get 20y old hardware running with 10y old software...

However, I'm still looking for Kismet drone options with a price tag in the lower two digits, i.e. comparable to a Raspberry Pi plus wifi adapter.
And while the Pi would definititely be an option, I'd naively assume that hardware specialized in radio communication might be more sensitive, e.g. a wireless router.

Can anybody shed some light on whether this assumption is naive or actually true, possibly even with some hardware recommendation? Thanks.
I don't think a wireless router is better or more capable than some wifi card.
Some wifi card have a very long range. with the good driver they do a perfect job.

Yes a wireless router could do the job of a rpi +wifi card to host a kismet drone , but and old 4M/32M (ram/flash) is limited hardware.
May be you could try to cross-compile a kismet drone for your WRT54GL. given you can run it on it.

I was pointed to this list ...
Though, I found that most on this list are hard to find, and only one of them is available on my local amazon store.

So, yes why not use a second hand wireless router (or accesss point) with openwrt; but may better than the 4/32, despised by openwrt

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