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I'm writing some scripts that would benefit from knowing "where the laptop is". But the laptop doesn't have a GPS of course.

Can I send a list of SSIDs that my laptop can see, and get back the GPS coordinates of the center of a polygon that includes them all?

Is there a way to do this "offline"? i.e. download my city's latest WIGLE data when I have connectivity, and when I don't, my script can still query the local cache of data to get the same result?
We created a whole project to do exactly that, without the giant storage overhead: for a video explanation of what it is and how it works.
Looks like the lastest dataset is 2020?

Can that be automated quarterly or monthly perhaps?
I think quarterly or monthly would be extreme over-production - what we're trying to capture is the replacement / relocation rate of wireless equipment * the frequency with which our community of hobbyists check areas, so the changes on a monthly level wouldn't be huge. I'll also note that if you have a way of keeping a local m8b up-to-date, that will be smaller and faster to query than the global set.

We do owe the community an updated artifact - the delay has been due to the remarkable rate of database growth, we've had to refine our "signal" to keep the artifacts from becoming unwieldy.

We've released v 1.3 "Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall" ... .1.3-dalet

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