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Suggestions for improving the "offline" use of Wigle Android App ...

Wigle appears to use Google mapping for the maps, and caches downloaded map pictures for the street-map? This data seems to fade away over time, so areas lose detail (and become upscaled blurry pics, roads start going missing etc.).

Could Wigle make use of downloaded/offline Google Maps (I have these on the phone for use in Google Maps/Google Driving Mode) ? Or as an alternative, downloaded Organic Maps data?

In the same spirit -- the overlay of purple dots showing Wifi spots that I have already Wigle'd. This feature only works with data access. Could these overlay tiles be cached? Although they would become out of date, I feel that some indication of previous Wigle activity would be better than none.
The maps do provide a certain degree of offline caching, but it depends on your device; it bases that one OS version, free space, etc. we don't have much control over what it choses to keep/delete. As always, pull requests are welcome!
Also I noticed in the Database page/settings: The phrase "Log routes for execution" and "Show routes for execution". This feels like maybe a translation error? The context here seems to make more sense if that was replaced by "... for RUN", which is consistent with other areas of the app.

As in Run: (noun) Series, Sequence, Extent (a run of bad luck)

Not as in Run (verb): Execute (for code/app/program!)
not a translation error - "execution" is intentional, and a clarification.
"Run" has been ambiguous and misleading since the beginning of the app.
Both mean "during the current execution of the program."

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