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Postby TZz222zZT » Tue Nov 28, 2023 2:26 am

First I want to say I really really appreciate arkasha for always taking time to answer my probably annoying questions. It I suppose if you don't ask you don't find out eh? I do love doing research but unfortunately have a lot going on at ATM. I'd also like to thank everyone who's been integral in making Wigle what it is today. Oh and Arkasha I finally got ahead of you in the monthly a day or two ago and now you're 2k ahead of me again haha! I'll have to make my way to some apartments Tomorrow and grab a quick few k. Anyway jokes aside(though I do love a bit of good fun competition) so I'm just curious I used to use four phones while instove around (three of which were Motorolas. And now I'm down to just two motos unfortunately. Well today I picked up 3k unique APS out of 6900 which isbabkit the standard for me. Sometimes I'll hit 90% other times (on the older model I'll literally get like 1-5%!?! On huuuge files none the less. Also, today when I brougnt in the 3k I somehow only picked up 32 Bluetooths? Usually I would have around 1-6k for such a run. Now it's back to normal suddenly? Any thoughts on this? I'm just curious really and love being schooled in wardriving as it's become a bit of an obsession. I have more questions about identifying certain organizations but I'm assuming talking about law enforcement on here in frowned upon? I'm really just curious as to why one dept (Highway patrol makes it very easy to get all their mtc's etc etc while the actual police dept (don't even wanna refer to ite nickname until I know it's ok to chat about.) But couldn't this be a security issue. I have found out some pretty revealing stuff about highway patrol by simply searching to be APS and bssids. The motorcycle unit on the other hand is also very very easy to ID. Infact once one has found a few you can essentially just do guess work and uncover their whole unit (not that theres anything I could or would do with it even if I knew how. But there is one thing that concerns me and I'd rather not write it in public yet because I'm not trying to draw unwanted/unneeded attn from police/feds. I already had my run ins witb the DEA 12+ years ago and am literally doing this as a hobby. Though it is fun to discern (or try to) all the tells that give away diff branches of LEO AND how seemingly unsafe one aspect isz which I won't touch on publicly unless otherwise told I can. Anyway again if anything LE is out of bounds please lmk and I won't bring it up again. But I'm still very curious I'm the two former questions. Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Oh and now that I've broke into the top 1000 I'm already counting down the days till j hit #222 and by my estimation it will be by the end of the year hehe! Alright much respect all! TZz222zZT
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