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What if we just add the device from the upload header to the rows on the site, instead of all this complication? Won’t identify non-CSV uploads, but that’s a vanishingly small percentage these days.
Seeing the addition of the device type in the Uploads display tip-out this morning -- nice! I like it.

Follow-on question: how do the 'device' entries correlate to the valuse shown in the Stats > Octet/Channel/File > "Type" table on the far right? I can see the phone models go under Stats > Android. Are the JHewitt's all "wardriver.uk-mod"? Where do the AtomGPS and other newer variants appear?
this all depends on how the software implementer fills out the "pre-header" in the CSV. One could even customize it if with the JHewitt and AtomGPS boards!
Cool, current code for the M5 Atoms has been using "model=AtomWigler" and "device=M5ATOMGPS" since 1.4.
The values were "model=GPS Kit" and "device=M5ATOM" in Lozaning's original code up through 1.3 mods by Luke, which I have one device still running.

Should be lots of files uploaded with both of those.

JHewitt's code catches the various device types and populates model and device with "wardriver.uk rev# {mod info}" as appropriate for related mods.

I'm way outside WigleWifi suggestions now, sorry for the thread hijack.

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