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Had this idea that it would be cool to see what groups are most active using a simple measure.

This could encourage more participation in the spirit of competition. It would be easy to say what groups are the most active.

A percentage of the number of users that uploaded on the previous month.


Group has 30 members, in the previous month 19 of 30 uploaded something to Wigle. 63%

Even better would be a trailing graph that plots the last few months up to years.

Related: Members that have not uploaded in a year should automatically drop out of the group (or we enable group leaders to remove folks)

These are just ideas and not requirements! We know you all are busy and was just thinking of ways to keep people engaged and uploading.
The user management for removing stagnant account is a feature that is much needed. Is this something in the works?
I think removing any user from a group they joined (auto or manually) would be a mistake. Life happens and people take breaks from projects from time to time. I certainly have. I always came back bigger and better than before. A user that's targeted to be removed will not be happy about it and could leave the project permanently. Whether they are currently contributing or not, their stats still help the group standing over time. That's the real goal. Just my $0.02.
@mark571 good points

I am retracting my inactive user management request


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