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Hello bobzilla,

Please ADD a New feature so that wigle writes automatic to a second database every 10 minutes or whatever and this for rescue purposes.

I just have made a trip and i found +/- 8500 AP's and when i try to upload the date wigle crashes so i have to reboot my phone and the wigle database was gone :(

So please please please do something about this issue ASAP.

I'm very fustrating at the moment, i was so happy i discovered so many Cell towers and AP's and all for nothing :?

Pleas people who experience that same back me up here and also ask fur such feature or at least another solution that prevents to lose the whole database when your system crashes. :wink:
Regards, WiFi-Freak
as noted previously: any existing android backup system can backup wiglewifi db files. DO THAT.
we cannot prevent your device's filesystem from accidentally the whole thing.
further repeated posts will find themselves in the bitbucket.

In fact Wigle can! (if you want to)

Wilgle just have to write to database as it normal does, let we call it DB-1 (wiglewifi.sqlite)
And in the background we let a timer run from about 10 or 15 minutes and wigle copy curent DB-1 as backup to DB-2 (wiglewifi.sqlite2)
If wigle or you phone crash for any reason you can restore DB-2 as DB-1 and you have not loss so many data, in the worst senario it would be only 10 or 15 minutes and not hours of collected data or in my case ALL DATA :shock:

Another possebility is a File backup app that has the possebility to back-up (wiglewifi.sqlite) every 10 or 15 minutes.
I already have searched for such app but just cant find any suitable :(
If you now such app please post the name of it here!!!!

I just want to improve Wigle, i love it :D :D :D
Regards, WiFi-Freak
Database files are hundreds of megs for folks who run WigleWifi quite a bit (like me), so it wouldn't be practical to do what you suggest. This is unfortunately a device-specific problem, non of my devices have ever had any issue. That said, we can look into ways to make this better for people with devices that like to corrupt their filesystems. You can make copies of your files using Astro or any other filesystem app, but there's no telling if your device will corrupt your backup too :) You can pull data from the phone to a computer using usb-data-storage mode, or using adb from the Android dev kit.
-bobzilla - just a little bit
One other thing, we've had a couple users replace their SD cards and had issues they were seeing magically disappear, something you might be able to try.
-bobzilla - just a little bit

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