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I get GPS location fine in my house, but when I leave my house, I have a couple minutes of GPS location before it cuts out with "No Location!". Is there any way I can fix this? I tried turning GPS off and on again, but it doesn't have any effect. I only get part of the way down the road before it cuts out.
I've had many problems with gps on Samsung's phones. A good ROM flashed makes a world of difference.
Actually I think it might have been the weather. We just had a big storm, and I thought the sky had cleared up enough, but we had some hazy clouds still. Today the sky was 100% clear and I had no problems. We went car shopping and as my parents test drove all the cars, I rode around with my phone and I had a location the entire time.
I used to have this problem quite often myself. A decent rom and an occasional factory reset clear it up.

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