File parsing seems to be halted...

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We've done some sprucing up of the whole pipeline, as things continue to scale things that used to be subsecond can take a while, have to keep optimizing just to maintain status quo :)
-bobzilla - just a little bit
Is something hung up? I've had a file at 66 in queue for 24 hours...
Looks like it may be hung up again.
And it stuck again.
there are times when the queue is processed very quickly, times when it is standing still for hours on end. it was a rarer occurrence and now it's a weekly thing.

are you guys having growing pains?
too much information for your system to handle?
you doing analysis that is making the system slower?

can you give us some insight as to why things are slowing down so much?
WiGLE currently has 435 files queued

And again...
Stuck again.
Have been #220 in the que of now 700+ for 24 hrs.
Wow! Fast service, now it's moving again.
Apologies, a process got into a soft lock, need to make that fail harder/faster/stronger.
-bobzilla - just a little bit
It seems to be stuck; 1477 files queued and growing. I have a single file in the queue (currently at 1135). According to the stats, 0 files have been processed from today.
File processing continues apace, check the "Files 1 day ago" it's going up up up :) We've stopped some long running statistics jobs to help get the queue back to zero quicker.
-bobzilla - just a little bit
It looks to be stuck again.
Something seriously borked. I've been watching the upload queue fill up faster than they're getting processed off the bottom. Did someone accidentally turn the turbo button off and the CPU is currently running at 4.77MHz?
Following the advice of a founder, seems to indicate the kittens quit after Apr 9th. This thread is the best!
Stats haven't updated since the 7th

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