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I've run into an issue that may be affecting the latest Android update.

I've been scanning as usual with the previous version. I had a few hundreds or thousands of AP scanned.

Before uploading them, I have upgraded to the latest version of the Wigle Android app. After the upgrade, I opened the app and click upload. However, only a very small file with a few AP was uploaded.

It looks like the AP since the last upload were ignored or deleted, and only the AP since the upgrade (about 5) were uploaded.

Is there any sense on this?

I could try to reset the DB marker but it means to upload hundreds of thousands of AP, is that OK?

Thank you.
Sorry to hear about your difficulty - I'm really curious about what might have happened.

The upgrade shouldn't change the database markers - that setting remains unchanged, but I'll do some testing to see if I can reproduce the problem.
In the mean time, your idea regarding resetting the DB marker and uploading all points is sound - we'll be able to detect duplicate points without too much trouble.

Does the "total" number of points in your local database look right?

Cheers, and thanks for reporting the issue
Did you lose any other settings? Such as whether it was muted, or your username, or any other settings changes? Wondering if it was just the marker, or you lost all your settings?
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit
No, nothing else is lost. The database is also there, it simply looks like the data has been uploaded so there were nothing new to upload, however in the tab that shows my uploads, the previous one is 3 days before the small one after the upgrade.
Just to make sure, this is the 2.17 update, correct? (it's in limited roll-out right now).

We're combing through the code, trying to figure out how this happened - it's a weird one!
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for posting.
Yes it's 2.17.

In my particular case I don't mind losing a thousand AP but I'm not sure it there may be an issue somewhere.

Thank you for looking into this. I really hope I did not misinterpreted the problem. Please let me know if I can so anything else to help.

I've just updated Wigle to 2.18 and I had exactly the same problem. After updating it, it said that upload file would be empty but I still had about 3000 new wifi networks to send.

In addition, zeroing the DB marker won't work. It still says that upload file would be empty.

Is anything I can do to help you on this?

Thanks for the report! I've managed to reproduce the issue, and am working on a fix. I'll post here as we make progress.
Thank you!
as a side note, I managed to confirm that a *full* DB export (and manual upload to WiGLE) DOES include the missing points, but obviously that's not a convenient or useful solution. It may help mitigate the issue for points when the marker has been moved past them without a completed upload.

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