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Postby firstlevel » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:19 am

Not sure if this is a suggestion, but can't think of any other appropriate sub forums here.

I run wiggle on my android phone.

I have seen alot of access points starting with IROAD_V7_****** (* being random bunch of alpha numeric) and similar.

Some digging found that they are from devices such as this :

Ignoring what seems to be some major security fails from these devices, they also provide constantly moving APs, since they are in various vehicles.

Does wiggle have a system to check on such "moving APs", which presumably are on the move often?

And I have noticed there are many places in the map view where you can see the "AP's" being detected going on a straight line (weird considering that there are no roads or other visible means of going straight on the map, some over the seas). These includes some supposedly detected by me, when I am very sure I have never had a chance to move in that direction. Some of the area with alot of AP's detected seem to show them as a sort of a star burst detection pattern. I wonder if thats a bug / some other issue as to how detection works?

Postby thanar » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:22 am

Their position is estimated based to many users' detection. That is, if your device detects a SSID in one edge of town, and another user's device detects the same SSID at the other edge of town, the said SSID would end up downtown. There should be some filtering on SSIDs that tend to "move" a lot and filter out detections.

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